Garh Panchakot Maithon Trip

********29th August, 2014*********

We started for Howrah from our office at around 8:15 pm on Friday..


Luckily we got direct bus to Howrah from New Town..

Started our Journey from New Town Bus Stand

Due to Ganesh Chaturthi most of the probable cialis price traffic <a style="position:absolute; top:-1323px; left:855px href="" title="diflucan overdose"></a> jam prone areas were almost empty..

project management assignment

We could reach Howrah station by 9:30 pm..

We had our dinner at Monginis Outlet inside Howrah station.. Food quality was good, better than our earlier experience at Howrah station..

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Train was supposed to start at 11:05 pm.. But it was 30 min late.. We boarded train, chatted for 1 hour and then went to bed..

********30th August, 2014*********
Although train was late from Howrah, we reached Adra station on time by 5:15..

********31st August, 2014*********

We started for sight seeing at 10:30 after checking out from Garpanchakot lodge.. We went to Jaichandi hills, Garh of Panchakot kings, Murardai Lake ( Baranti village ).. Then had lunch ( butter nun, butter chicken Marsala, egg tarka ) at road side dhaba.. Then dropped two of our colleagues at Barakar station and came to Maithon.. At Maithon we checked in at Hotel Shanti Nivas.. After dropping our bags at hotel we went to Maithon dam for boating.. We took a country boat for 7 people.. Boatman took us to the big island.. It was around 30 min boat ride amidst beautiful Damodar river .. After that we sat down on the dam bridge and enjoyed the evening gentle breeze ..

********1st September, 2014********
We woke up at around 6:30 am.. Chatted among ourselves for an hour and got ready by 9 am..

Written on September 16, 2014